This is the first step in aligning us with the Love of God. If God is Love and Spiritual practice involves relinquishing the ego experience (fear/judgment/separation) then loving oneself puts us on the right track. The story of Jesus is the personification of perfect love. Perfect love we are told is the antidote for fear. Fear is the central root of ego. In the story of Jesus we are gifted with perfect love. Perfect love does not require history to validate its potency. Perfect love transcends space/time and all linear concepts of past, present and future and exists perennially and eternally within the psyche, within the soul.
– The Yoga of True Wealth, Francis Bitterly

“The moment man discovers that his imagination is Christ, he accomplishes acts which on this level can only be called miraculous. But until man has the sense of Christ as his imagination, he will see everything as pure objectivity without any subjective relationship. Not realizing that all that he encounters is part of himself.”
—Neville Goddard

“You did not choose me, I have chosen you.”
—John 15:16

“What does it profit a man if he gaineth the whole world and loses his soul?”
-Mark 8:36

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