The poverty in the West... is not only a poverty of loneliness but also of spirituality.

— Mother Teresa, A Simple Path

The soul is unconsciously craving to experience once again the freedom that originally belonged to it.

— Rumi

Self-mastery is a natural consequence and also a pre-requisite of walking a successful spiritual path.

— The Yoga of True Wealth

Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for behold, the kingdom of God is within you

— Luke 17:21

What is True Wealth?

What is the path to freedom? What would Krishna tell Arjuna on the battlefield at Kurukshetra? What would the Buddha say to an aspiring Bodhisattva? And how would Jesus speak to Wall Street or one of His disciples?

Yoga of True Wealth

Wisdom from a Heart on Wall St

Presented With sincerity, honesty and heart, this is a touching true story replete with the deepest wisdom and most poignant truths. The fact that these golden threads are interwoven in the tapestry of human life unfolding makes it all the more medicine for the soul.

About the Author

Francis G. Bitterly CFP® is an author, student of comparative religions, Christian mystic and contemplative. Francis also leads a wealth management team based in Red Bank New Jersey as a Managing Director, Wealth Advisor, and Sr. Portfolio Management Director