Praise for The Yoga of True Wealth

“I Grew up loving Sports, especially Football. I Reached the Ultimate Goal of playing in the NFL and winning a Super Bowl. That was not enough, nothing is ever enough for me. I needed and wanted another Challenge, and I went into business. I have become very successful in my business. But that was not enough. Something was and is still missing. After Reading “True Wealth” I feel like I am finally getting it. My journey is far from over, but thanks Fran, for helping me see the light. I will be working what you teach here until I get it right. Great Book!”
– Super Bowl champion, All-Pro linebacker Phil Villapiano, Oakland Raiders #41

“I especially enjoyed your description of the roller coaster ride in which the individual buys when the market has gone up, and they assume it will go up further, and sell when the market has gone down and they assume that it will go down further.”
– Dr. Harry Markowitz, American economist, recipient of the 1989 John von Neumann Theory Prize and the 1990 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

“Anyone who has ever tapped into the Holy Energy to transform the material world around them will enjoy reading The Yoga of True Wealth. Francis Bitterly reminds us that uncommon wisdom, and ultimately wholeness, flows from hidden springs…even on Wall Street.”
Luciano Siracusano, Chief Investment Strategist, WisdomTree Asset Management

“You cannot not benefit from the depth of wisdom revealed in this valuable book. The investment that Fran Bitterly made in his own growth from a very young age is a model to be admired. His story and insights are a gift to humanity. I have learnt so much, and am truly grateful to have been touched profoundly by Fran’s breadth of caring and the expansive love in his heart.”
– Robyn Stratton-Berkessel, Author and Speaker,

“The genuineness of The Yoga of True Wealth, the authenticity and sincerity, the wonderfully inclusive merging of East and West, respecting the variety of spiritual approaches: Much impressed.”
– Craig Canfield Psychotherapist

“The Yoga of True Wealth is the perfect fusion of material world practicality and Spiritual Truth. It comes at you from all different angles using the teaching of the masters( Buddha, Jesus, etc.)
“This book provides intellectual understanding of the wealth management business (concepts) and infuses spiritual truths to create an understanding that WEALTH is more than the money in our bank accounts.
“Peace of mind, Happiness, a sense of purpose, and helping other human beings are the real end game and building a stable financial life is one of the foundations to success and happiness.”
– Jeffrey Silverman, Regional Recruiter, Willis Consulting, Inc.

“This beautiful book is who Fran really is and it very well may teach you who you really are. Fran’s a spiritual warrior and his book will teach you about the true nature of reality and dissolving the Ego. The Yoga Of True Wealth will have you more persistently seeking God and will supply a common sense road map to soldier the road less traveled!”
– Dan Lattanzio, The Dan Program

“The Yoga of True Wealth sets the bar for what true holistic wealth management SHOULD mean. Bitterly does a masterful job of creating a road map teaching how to harness spirituality while incorporating the common messages of the greatest interfaith minds into our daily lives. The book is not solely about religion, finance or any other singular subject but instead weaves the universal framework for having a healthier mindset and existence.”
Andrew Tsiropinas, CIMA®, Regional Director – WisdomTree Asset Management, Inc.

“A deeply moving and inspiring personal story, The Yoga of True Wealth will  capture you with its authenticity. Rarely do we see a book deep in spiritual truths also getting the financial component right.”
– John Bowen Founder and CEO,, #1 Business Coach for Financial Advisors

“Divine synchronicity occurred and I found myself reading Fran Bitterly’s, ’The Yoga of True Wealth’. As I read further along, page by page, I recognized with great appreciation this was a book with a true understanding about value, wealth, life, and the Grace that supports us all everyday; abundant and loving. There is so much to gain from this enlightened book; true wealth and what is real. I cannot recommend it enough.”
Janine L. Kimmel  R.N. MTS, Author & artist of the award winning The Magic Gown and The Yawning Rabbit River

“With each passing year, I see more and more signs of the connectedness of all things. By attuning himself to the ineffable, Fran has found the resonant truth that lives within us all. And he shares that truth bravely, pointing us toward the way, the truth and the light. His is a journey worth sharing. And his light shines.”
– Doug Pilley, Author

Don’t waste a minute of your time reading a single page of YOGA OF TRUE WEALTH– unless you’re ready to make a shift in your thinking that can make you not only wealthier but even more important, happier! Francis has created a unique message that’s filled with profound insights, clear in its intent and will emotionally hold your attention to get you to turn to the next page. Reading of “THE GOD WHISPERER” and “WHAT IS REAL WEALTH” will inspire you. Nobody does a better job of combining the SPIRITUAL and FINANCIAL. These are insights of a very wise man!”
– Joel Weldon, Hall of Fame Speaker, Golden Gavel Recipient, Executive Coach & Trainer

“How delightful to find Francis sharing everything from the life-saving spirituality of East and West to the wealth-saving knowledge of Modern Portfolio Theory. Here is a bounty of wisdom collected from stellar sages on the true wealth of Spirit—the glorious Divine Self, the God Who is Love—and how to be open for this single Life-Power to fully, freely live us. And from this ‘peace that passes all understanding’ found in truly letting go, letting God, one drops the self-defeating delusions and greed that cause suffering—and also ruin many approaches to investing.”
–Timothy Conway, PhD, longtime spiritual teacher, author, counselor (and investor);

“The Yoga of True Wealth, tackles the often taboo subject of wealth and religion. Whether you are Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish or Christian many will find this book a useful way to combine your faith principles and beliefs and your efforts to manage your wealth. Francis Bitterly tells his own compelling story of loss and struggle, financial and spiritual and uses it as a way to develop an “Investment Theology.” Anyone interested in how their beliefs can work to help them with their financial objectives in life, will find this a good read.”
– The Rev. K. Palmer Hartl, author of The Ten Commandments of Management: Biblically inspired Methods to Success