Book Discussion Guide: Contemplations

Discussing The Yoga of True Wealth with friends or book clubs? These contemplations, found at the end of each chapter, will expand and enrich your true wealth experience…

Chapter One

Consider deeply the loss or losses you have experienced in your life, whether it be the loss of a loved one, your health, even a cherished pet. Then consider the hidden gifts the challenge eventually brought into your reality Just close your eyes, and deeply contemplate the experience and the wisdom you gleaned, what life gave you as you integrated or adapted to new circumstances. While doing this, get in touch with the part of you that witnessed and experienced the loss. It is the same part of you witnessing and experiencing these words. Feel it. Feel it with the beauty of tenderness. Allow yourself to feel the pure awareness that exists eternally at the core of your being. Put the book down, take a few soft gentle breaths, and reflect deeply now.

Chapter Two

Consider deeply your own personal “dark night of the soul” and how it affected you. What were the most powerful lessons you learned? How did it affect your values? Have there been times in your life when you have chosen love over ego, and times when you have not? What were the differences in the outcome of those experiences? Consider how they have affected you. Are there any relationships or situations in your current reality that would benefit from more love and less ego? Where are they? Who are they? Consider deeply before reading on how you can bring more peace into these dynamics.
Take a few soft gentle breaths. Put the book down. Drop in again to that pure feeling of awareness, and allow the imagination its freedom and peace.

Chapter Three

Consider deeply the road you have travelled, the journey thus far. Can you recall the difficult moments along the path, when it became rocky, perhaps almost impassable? What were the qualities you had to call upon in order to move forward? What virtues were born in you as a result? Take a few soft, gentle deep breaths and vividly recall your most challenging times and appreciate what came out of them. Can you see the deeper reasons behind it all?

Chapter Four

Close your eyes, and take a few soft, gentle deep breaths. Drop into the awareness of your heart. Feel your heart like an empty cup. Simply breathe, and allow that cup to be filled by the Presence of Life. Do not interfere with your thoughts. Simply allow your heart to be filled. Smile, and gently breathe. Offer your heart cup, the Holy Grail of your being, to the Spirit of Life. Do this with tender, humble love. Allow yourself to be filled until your cup runneth over.

Chapter Five

Consider deeply anyone and anything you need to forgive in your life. How is hanging onto grievances, judgment, and old hurts serving you today? Go deep within yourself. Feel that empty cup of your heart again and say the ho’oponopono prayer: I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.
You are not forgiving them because you condone what they have done; instead, you are forgiving them to lighten your own load. Forgive everyone, forgive everything, and most of all, forgive yourself. How does taking full responsibility for everything in your life make you feel? How does letting go of ego-victim consciousness feel? Take a few soft, gentle deep breaths, and go deep with this. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Chapter Six

Consider deeply where your happiness truly lies. What are the things that bring you genuine happiness? Hold those things in your mind’s eye. Take a few soft, gentle, deep breaths and fill your heart’s cup with the feelings of that truth. Make a short list of these things, circumstances, and people and then, every day, look at this list and appreciate deeply the simple beauty of them all.

Chapter Seven

Close your eyes, and take a few soft, gentle deep breaths. Drop into the empty cup of your heart, and breathe in the Living Truth, the Holy Presence. Be bigger than the world and older than market cycles and seasons. Allow yourself to experience a feeling of Eternal Wealth, a wealth that encompasses the feeling of eternity. Practice this every day—morning immediately upon awakening and night before sleep. The very last thoughts and the very first thoughts we think on any given day absolutely define our lives. Fortify this by rereading daily your list of things that bring you genuine happiness.

Chapter Eight

Close your eyes, and take a few soft, gentle deep breaths. Hold the empty cup of your heart open in a relaxed and confident way. Open your awareness, and allow yourself to re-experience the Eternal Presence as detailed at the end of Chapter 7. Feel for the burning certainty within you (Supreme Knowing) that you command your destiny. Relax and enjoy the alchemy of heart breath, infinite consciousness, and unshakable intuition of Divine Spirit.

Chapter Nine

Consider deeply the scientific fact and spiritual certainty that we inherit the accumulated vibrations of our ancestors. The sum total of all thoughts, words, and actions coded in the DNA, defining genetics, reverberating in currents along unseen filaments of consciousness bestowing a sobering responsibility— to return the hallowed grounds of the soul to its original state of underlying pristine peace and perfection. Take a few deep breaths, and feel into this truth. What does it mean to you? What feelings does it bring up?

More contemplations are available throughout The Yoga of True Wealth, and we invite you to share your own as well…