Excerpt From:  Joel Goldsmith “Consciousness Unfolding”  Wilder Publications, Inc.

This is a tremendous teaching from one of the great master’s of the twentieth century.  Many of today’s most celebrated authors on spirituality credit Joel Goldsmith for showing them the “Way” to their own found wisdom !  Of course Joel would not take credit himself. Knowing the spirit of Goldsmith, he would give credit to the “ONE” source of all knowledge.

Enjoy in contemplation.

“CONSCIOUSNESS. Do not go out with a fearful or doubting consciousness, or with a fretful consciousness. Surely enough you will impart that state of YOUR consciousness to the one with whom you do business and he will feel it too.

Go out with THIS SILENCE in your heart. Go out in a state of PEACE. If necessary, before making your call, go off somewhere for a minute or two and sit down and GET THAT SENSE OF PEACE BEFORE YOU START OUT. Then see what that sense of peace will do! Yes; has already done!

The state of peace in your consciousness is a state of receptivity TO the message; the state of peace in my consciousness is a state of receptivity FOR the message.

Ultimately, we are going to learn the greatest of all secrets…the secret that hitherto has been known only to very few…WHAT IS GOD? If you study the Scriptures…you study the philosophies of the world, the religious teachings of the world, you are apt to come to the conclusion that God is something very far off…that God is something that is very seldom contacted…that God is something that very seldom answers prayer in accordance with our wishes, needs or desires. This is the reason why the world keeps on, generation after generation, praying for world peace and not achieving it; praying for individual prosperity and not achieving it; praying for life, health, immortality…and not achieving them.

The reason is—IGNORANCE OF WHAT GOD IS! If we are Christian, we should know where God is, because Jesus told us. THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN YOU. And that is a wonderful foundation…IF WE HAD BELIEVED IT. If we had spent the past two thousand years…if our fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers had spent those years seeking the “Kingdom of God Within,” then by the time we got here, It would have been found, discovered and made manifest.

Instead, they turned to the Master on a platform, or turned their eyes up to the skies. They looked in every direction EXCEPT WITHIN, and now, in this century, we must do all that should have been done during the two thousand years past.

We must start now to look into the kingdom within our own being, for what we are going “to find there is GOD. That is what we are going to learn. And while I can SAY this to you, you yourself will have to have it REVEALED within your own being.

You will find that God is Universal Mind…God is Life Eternal…God is Infinite Consciousness. But you will find also one thing more than that. You will find that the Divine, Universal, Infinite Mind, or Consciousness, IS MANIFESTING ITSELF AS YOUR INDIVIDUAL CONSCIOUSNESS. It is unfolding and revealing Itself as YOUR INDIVIDUAL CONSCIOUSNESS, so that you are ultimately able to say—“I and the Father are one.”

Do not pass off lightly this part of the teaching because it is the most important part of it all. You must know the Nature of God, and you must EXPERIENCE GOD. We can go on for the next ten years as we have been doing up to now, just talking about God. WE MUST NOW EXPERIENCE GOD!”

Excerpt From: Goldsmith, Joel. “Consciousness Unfolding

” Wilder Publications, Inc