Do you remember waking up to the concept of consciousness, of “being conscious”? Most of us don’t remember exactly what we were doing or when this occurred, but mine really began in the presence of my mother. In my case, they are my only memories of her. 

When I was a young boy, and my mother was dying of cancer, she would whisper and teach me things while she was sick in bed. I now call her the God Whisperer. I am convinced that her early life lessons, taught to me when I was three and four, helped me to survive in this world and allowed me to experience the grace of God. I called on these lessons when I most desperately needed it at the age of 21 while battling an alcohol problem. Her outpouring of pure love stayed with me as she planted the seeds of this grace. She actually interceded in my life during my darkest nights of the soul long after her death.

Even though she was dying, she would still teach me things that didn’t seem so important at the time, but I would later realize was the ultimate truth of life here on earth. What she was whispering was about love. That love is real and from God and that our love could not be separated by death.  

In the book A Course in Miracles, the premise is “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” This is also what the great Eastern philosophies convey, whether it be Buddhism or Hinduism.

It took me studying all the great wisdom traditions before I really understood my own childhood faith and the true wisdom of Jesus Christ and His teaching and transformative message. 

I also remember how my mother would sing to me. She would sing the sweet children’s song “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” And as it continues, “Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.” Today, I sense the truth of those words and her awareness to the true nature of reality here on earth. You see, life really is much like a dream. Many never awaken to it. But we are so full of our own perceptions and inherited instincts and illusions that we can’t escape the dream. 

One night, when she must have known it would not be long before our physical separation, she and I were outside looking up at the sky, and she explained to me that someday we would swing on a star together. This indeed has come to pass on many occasions since that intercession in 1982.

Everything is consciousness here on earth whether we are sleeping and dreaming or in wakefulness, it’s still consciousness. The space within which your reading this blog is taking place in consciousness. Love is the highest level of consciousness. Developing this is the greatest of pursuits. Perfect love is what I experienced with my mother. I am so grateful to this day for her incredible love.

Here is a spiritual practice for you.

  • Look to develop deep love in your consciousness.
  • Become loving in small ways. Not only toward others but also towards yourself. 
  • Begin to realize that the only thing real here on earth is love. 
  • Love is a potent force, the key to inner peace, and by practicing love, we can make our own lives more fulfilling.
  • We need love to keep our families together, and you might not realize it, but we also need love in business and all aspects of our lives. 

“It makes no difference how deeply seated may be the trouble
How hopeless the outlook
How muddled the tangle 

How great the mistake
A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all If only you could love enough
You would be the happiest
And most powerful being in the world” 

—Emmet Fox 

Loving God and devotion to God is a good start.

Become aware of your own consciousness and treat it with love, care and respect. It is the engine which propels your entire life and in essence is your connection to the divine and eternal life.

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has conceived the things that God has prepared for those who love Him.” —1 Corinthians 2:9 

CONTEMPLATION: What is your story and how did you reach this present moment in consciousness? What are you learning from all of it? Can you sense how love changes everything?

Consider deeply your own personal “dark night of the soul” and how it affected you. What were the most powerful lessons you learned? How did it affect your values? Have there been times in your life when you have chosen love over ego, and times when you have not? What were the differences in the outcome of those experiences?  Are there any relationships or situations in your current reality that would benefit from more love and less ego? Where are they? Who are they? Consider deeply how you can bring more peace into these dynamics. 

Take a few soft gentle breaths.  Drop in again to that pure feeling of awareness, and allow your consciousness its freedom and peace. 

Bless everyone and feel the gratitude for life itself