What is The Yoga Of True Wealth ?

The Yoga of True Wealth is the realization of the paradox that nothing outside ourselves can bring us the Peace that we have been striving for and searching for  all of our lives  because it resides within us as our own gentle “being” itself.  – As the great sages including St. Francis of Assisi  have taught us, “that which is being sought is the seeker himself”.  Indeed, much like the Hindu sage, Ramakrishna’s story of ” the musk deer searching the world over for the source of its own scent” as well as Jesus’s great proclamation in the gospel of Luke that the “Kingdom of Heaven is within you”, “The Yoga of True Wealth”  combines a devotion to the Divine with an awareness and understanding of  sacred non- duality.  Thus, “The Yoga of True Wealth” is a surrendered acceptance and joyful bliss in knowing that we are that which we had been seeking for all along. Tat Tvam Asi ( sanskrit phrase, translated variously as “Thou art that,” (That thou art, That art thou, You are that )