I was not seeking God…but God was always seeking me. The spirit of life is seeking all of us to become aware of its presence. Paradoxically it is right in front of us and inside of us at all times, yet we can’t see or feel it without focused persistence. Life itself is God! Your awareness of being, is God! God is in everything and everyone!

The use of the word God may offend some people.You may not be comfortable with the word due to negative associations growing up, etc. Lets get past the words and move toward the truth. It is the intensity of the faith you have in God that is most important; once that is acknowledged, grace will flow automatically. The faith in God is based on the consciousness within, as well as faith in your Self. You are that which is prior to the building up of concepts. Your present spiritual capacity is filled up with these concepts .It is in emptying the mind that we make room for the real.

You must find out for yourself your own truth. 

This is not about religion or preaching to convert someone. I want to convey the great teachings of the ages taught by the masters and also described by contemporaries such as Aldous Huxley in his masterpiece, “Perennial Philosophy” 

In this Truth Series, I seek a discussion that will transcend words and help us to arrive at the plain truth. When the words end you will reach experience its Self. Bliss will not be far behind. Beyond that lies the absolute.

 I hope to be a finger pointing to the moon, not the moon itself. You my friend are the moon when you experience God for your Self. I am aware  how transient this present state of affairs is, and I also know the eternal state reached by Jesus is also available to all of us.

Tat Tvam Asi  “Thou art that”

What is it I know for sure? The answer is right inside you. Your consciousness itself contains the answers. Is it not true that what you know for sure is that you are?  This is your I am-ness. Your awareness.

The consciousness has spontaneously arisen in you shortly after birth. Do you recall when you became aware of it? Once you are conscious of yourself you know you exist and you fell in love with the “I” and now you dread it coming to an end or being threatened. It is this that makes all of us desire to keep the beingness satisfied. Why is this important? It will lead you to the Truth!

This is your awareness of being alive. As you become aware of this, you are conscious of being here. Rest in this for a moment with me. It is extremely important. A major spiritual pivot. You are now aware of the spirit of life itself, the Self. If you have followed along thus far, congratulations!

You are now a seeker of the Truth. A seeker of God.

Through the concepts of others we have built up so many things around us.. We are decorated and covered by the concepts of others.

The underlying different religions and denominations use different metaphors to describe their own experience of  truth. The real is available to everyone without dogma and fanfare. All we need is the earnestness to seek it.

As Maa Andamayi once said, “God is the one great Reality. To know and experience Him is the whole purpose of human existence.”


George Harrison, the great Beatle also said it this way: “Everything else can wait but the search for God can not. The good news is the seeking is right here in this “now”.

You may not realize it yet, that what you see, think, feel, and imagine in your consciousness is part of the Divine. The Now. The One.You may also  know  the divine ground ,depending on your background, culture, up bringing and part of the world you are from, by one of the many different names such as God, Brahman, Allah, Jesus, Buddha,  Krishna, the Tao or the Absolute.

Yes, these names are holy and they are great. I love all of them dearly.We can build on this, but for now, let’s not focus on the dogma for it will clutter the mind – and keep us from moving along in a proper sequence. Later you can return to  your heart’s true Guru or God by name. For now let us build a foundation of Truth.

For this week, I just want you to become ready to go on the greatest journey of your life.  This is the only journey that really matters. It is the journey within your Self to find God.

What could be more important or exciting?

I hope you will join me in this “Truth Series” as I share my experience, hope, and insight of seeking out the ineffable Lord of Lords.

Life wants to be lived in joy. This blog series is about finding truth which means finding God. With this comes the purest form of joy and love!  “That which is being sought is the Seeker himself”.