Nisargadatta Maharaj: His story of meeting his Guru


My guru told me: “…attend to the sense ‘I am’. Go back to that state of pure being, where the ‘I am’ is still in its purity before it got contaminated with ‘I am this’ or ‘I am that.’ My guru told me, “Trust me, I tell you: you are Divine. Take it as the absolute truth. Your joy is divine, your suffering is divine too. All comes from the Absolute. Remember it always. You are Absolute, your will alone is done.”

I did not condition my mind by thinking, “I am Absolute,
I am wonderful, I am beyond.” I simply followed his instruction, which was to focus the mind on pure being,
“I am,” and stay in it. I used to sit for hours together, with nothing but the “I am” in my mind and soon the peace and joy and deep all-embracing love became my normal state. In it all disappeared—myself, my guru, the life I lived, the world around me. Only peace remained, and unfathomable silence. (I Am That, Dialogue 51)

Jesus Christ : Pointing to the way in the Gospel of Thomas Logion #18

The disciples said to Jesus: Tell us how our end will be. Jesus said: Since you have discovered the beginning, why do you seek the end? For where the beginning is, there will the end be. Blessed is he who shall stand at the beginning (in the beginning), and he shall know the end, and shall not taste death.